As a result of constant investment in research, XD has developed VR-POS, the world's first shop front software that works in a holographic environment. This point-of-sale software was developed for Microsoft's innovative HoloLens augmented reality system. To be more exact, Microsoft designates this mixed-reality system, since there is a "fusion" of the real world with the virtual one.

HoloLens is considered one of the greatest technological innovations of recent years. Its potential is enormous, particularly in areas such as entertainment, medicine, engineering, product design, architecture and the aeronautics industry. The only way to realize how HoloLens works is by experiencing it. It is a unique and different experience. Basically the glasses, like normal glasses, allow us to see everything around us. The magic happens between our vision and the environment around us. Here the information is superimposed and follows the user wherever he goes. It bears no resemblance to virtual reality glasses that we see on sale in retail and computer stores, where the user no longer sees the environment around them.

These glasses incorporate a true computer that runs a more simplified edition of Windows 10. In addition to various interfaces such as Bluetooth, USB and WiFi, HoloLens incorporates a series of sensors, cameras, microphones and other cutting-edge technology. Recognizes and interprets voice commands and gesture commands.The system has 2 processors, one of which dedicated exclusively to holographic processing. At the software level, a number of calibration wizards, applications and configurations are available in addition to the operating system. Microsoft Edge and Cortana wizard have not been forgotten. HoloLens is an autonomous system, so it does not depend on any smartphone, computer, or any other device.

The XD VR POS can be used as a point-of-sale terminal for the XD solutions for Restaurants, Nightclubs and  Shops or connect to third-party applications.


Beta Version


Two virtual screens.
One to register the other to query for calories per food